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2017-03-14 New 12 week pictures of my Pokemon litter out now. Take a look here.



2017-03-07 Watch 11 week pictures of the Pokemon litter here.



2017-02-22 There is a new video of my kittens out now here.



2017-02-21 There are new pictures of the Pokemon litter out now. Take a look here.



2017-02-19 S*Sweet Scarlet's Lapras is booked today.



2017-02-03 S*Sweet Scarlet's Mr. Mime and S*Sweet Scarlet's Blissey is booked.



2017-02-01 S*Sweet Scarlet's Alakazam is booked today.



2017-01-22 S*Sweet Scarlet's Eevee is booked today.



2017-01-19 S*Sweet Scarlet's Magmar is now booked.






2016-12-23 Welcome Pokemon litter. 6 little christmas presents arrived 2016-12-20. Take a

look at my kitten page. 3 days pictures are avalible.



2016-12-09 We are expecting kittens week 50 or 51. Take a look at my plans.



2016-12-04 I have been lazy with updating my hp. A lot of show results is coming up.

Molly became Sverak cat of the year 2015.

She became NATIONAL WINNER, best female kat 2 and also best of the best of all kategories.

She was also best female in Skogkattslingan and best clubcat in Stockholms kattklubb.