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Hi, my name is Jeanette. I live in the suburb of Stockholm in Sweden, with my 5 lovely norweigian forest cats. I love animals but cats is my absolute favorite.

My interests beside cats are running, flowers and gardenening, nature, photography, personal developement, fitness and spiritual health.


I met my first norweigian forest cats early in the nineties. I totally fell in love. I bought my first norweigian in 1995. S*Olivgårdens Arthemis. I did attend to some catshows with Arthemis in 1996. The second wegie also came from S*Olivgårdens 1997. It was S*Olivgårdens Fargo.


In 2000 I moved from Sundsvall to Stockholm. After visiting a catshow here in Stockholm, I was decided to once again own a norweigian forest cat.


During the years I have been to alot of catshows with my cats. Both in Sweden and Norway. My first litter came in 2003. I usually have about 1 litter per year.


I hope that you find something interesting here. Please feel free to contact me if you are having questions.




In loving memory:


- SC.S*Mighty Claw's Sol Angelica 2003-2015


- CH.S*Lo-Look's Myskmåra 2002-2010


- IC.S*Trollgumman's Diderik 2001-2016